Airplane Simulation – Types of Flight Simulators

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Airplane Simulation

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Airplane Simulation has been around since the first aircraft was developed during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Its initial purpose is to train pilots on how to fly an airplane and later it played a very important part in the development and improvement of the aircrafts that are being used today.  There are several types of flight simulators which are meant to work in different ways but which all have the same purpose which is to let you feel like you are actually flying a plane.

The most widely used flight simulator is the PC based simulator.  This is the cheapest and it creates a computer generated image of an airplane cockpit.  There is an instrument panel with instruments that actually function.  Aside from this, it displays a view of the sky, the horizon and the ground.  You would feel like you are moving because the instrument panel is not moving while the sky and the ground move up and down.  This is the Airplane Simulation that flightsimmers are using.

Another type of flight simulator is the Full Cockpit Simulator.  It is a mock up of a cockpit complete with every switches and instruments found in a real airplane.  It is big and its windows are actually computer screens that display images of the sky and the outside world.  All the instruments inside are connected to a central computer which is controlled by a technician.  3D sound is created through speakers placed outside the cockpit.  This flight simulator is used by airlines for the initial training of their pilots.

The most realistic flight simulator is the Full motion Simulator.  It has all the features of the Full Cockpit Simulator but it is mounted on movable platform which is also controlled by a central computer that tilts and shakes it to create the sensation of motion.  The pilot can actually feel himself move.  This flight simulator is quite expensive and is used by airline companies and the military to train real pilots.

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